"Well, I think there is a difference between loving the idea of someone and actually loving who they are."
Elizabeth Burke  (via sundaylatte)

smells like teen spirit

smells like teen spirit
"Würdest du mir zuhören, wenn ich mit anderen über dich rede, würdest du merken, wie sehr ich in dich verliebt bin."
Gestern beim Telefonat mit dir (: (via thebeginningwithyou)


I want to travel, I want to see the world and all the culture in it. But I don’t want to go to tourist locations, I want to go to the little places all the locals know about. The places tourists wouldn’t venture, that is where you find what it’s truly like to be in a new place. I think that is why I’m so attracted to travelling.

"Ihr ändert euch selbst, nur um Menschen zu gefallen, die ihr hasst."
Patrick | Zeilenliebe (via zeilenliebe)